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Written by Natalie Goldberg & Dosho Port
Format: MP3

"Zen howl is the sound of our masks falling away," teaches Natalie Goldberg. When the masks we hide behind wither and die, there is immediate intimacy between ourselves and the world. This hint of intimacy – of touching something out of reach – is what ignites our longing to write and our desire to practice meditation. On Zen Howl, the bestselling author of Writing Down the Bones (published in eight languages and more than 1,000,000 sold) joins Zen teacher Dosho Port to explore the natural (and sometimes unnatural) connections between writing and Zen. You are invited to join Natalie Goldberg and Dosho Port to examine: resistance – using it to your advantage instead of letting it stop you, clear intention, steadfastness, joy, and rest – four structures of Zen that can be assimilated into your writing practice, and how to recognize "first thoughts" and gain the courage to express them, and much more.

Rich with teachings and exercises gathered by these two insightful teachers over the past 25 years, Zen Howl will show you how to drop your mask and witness in even the briefest moments of your life, a whole world waiting to be expressed.


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