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Marsden - Vector Calculus 6th Edition C2012 Txtbk 7z

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Marsden - Vector Calculus 6th Edition c2012 txtbk 7z

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(ISBN-13: 9781429215084)

OVERVIEW: «This bestselling vector calculus text helps students gain a solid, intuitive understanding of this important subject. The book's careful contemporary balance between theory, application, and historical development, provides readers with insights into how mathematics progresses and is in turn influenced by the natural world. The new edition offers a contemporary design, an increased number of practice exercises, and content changes based on reviewer feedback, giving this classic text a modern appeal.»

1. The Geometry of Euclidean Space
1.1 Vectors in Two- and Three-Dimensional Space
1.2 The Inner Product, Length, and Distance
1.3 Matrices, Determinants, and the Cross Product
1.4 Cylindrical and Spherical Coordinates
1.5 n-Dimensional Euclidean Space
2. Differentiation
2.1 The Geometry of Real-Valued Functions
2.2 Limits and Continuity
2.3 Differentiation
2.4 Introduction to Paths and Curves
2.5 Properties of the Derivative
2.6 Gradients and Directional Derivatives
3. Higher-Order Derivatives: Maxima and Minima
3.1 Iterated Partial Derivatives
3.2 Taylor’s Theorem
3.3 Extrema of Real-Valued Functions
3.4 Constrained Extrema and Lagrange Multipliers
3.5 The Implicit Function Theorem
4. Vector-Valued Functions
4.1 Acceleration and Newton’s Second Law
4.2 Arc Length
4.3 Vector Fields
4.4 Divergence and Curl
5. Double and Triple Integrals
5.1 Introduction
5.2 The Double Integral Over a Rectangle
5.3 The Double Integral Over More General Regions
5.4 Changing the Order of Integration
5.5 The Triple Integral
6. The Change of Variables Formula and Applications of Integration
6.1 The Geometry of Maps from R2 to R2
6.2 The Change of Variables Theorem
6.3 Applications
6.4 Improper Integrals [Optional]
7. Integrals Over Paths and Surfaces
7.1 The Path Integral
7.2 Line Integrals
7.3 Parametrized Surfaces
7.4 Area of a Surface
7.5 Integrals of Scalar Functions Over Surfaces
7.6 Surface Integrals of Vector Fields
7.7 Applications to Differential Geometry, Physics, and Forms of Life
8. The Integral Theorems of Vector Analysis
8.1 Green’s Theorem
8.2 Stokes’ Theorem
8.3 Conservative Fields
8.4 Gauss’ Theorem
8.5 Differential Forms
Answers to Odd-Numbered Exercises
Table of Derivatives
Table of Integrals
Symbols Index
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