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Trance Female Fantasy Nexus

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Release year: 2018
Release date: 2018/03/27
Genre: jRPG, Fantasy, Clothes Changing, Lingerie, Male Hero, Monsters, Futanari, Gender Bender, Rape, Consensual, Masturbation, Harassment, Corruption, Group, Yuri, Creampie, X-Ray

Censorship: Yes
Developer / Publisher: 6COLORS
Platform: PC/Windows
Type of the edition: Original (license)
Tabletka: not required
Version: 1.10
The language of the game (story): Japanese
Interface language: Japanese
Voice language: Japanese
System requirements (minimum):
OS: Windows 7/ CPU: Intel Celeron / PentiumIII 2GHz+ / Memory: 4GB+ / HDD: 2GB+ / Video: 1024x768 full color


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credits.html851.9 KB
d3dcompiler_47.dll3.3 MB
ffmpegsumo.dll939 KB
Game.exe44.3 MB
icudtl.dat10 MB
libEGL.dll72 KB
libGLESv2.dll1.4 MB
locales/am.pak15 B
locales/ar.pak15 B
locales/bg.pak15 B
locales/bn.pak15 B
locales/ca.pak15 B
locales/cs.pak15 B
locales/da.pak15 B
locales/de.pak15 B
locales/el.pak15 B
locales/en-GB.pak15 B
locales/en-US.pak15 B
locales/es-419.pak15 B
locales/es.pak15 B
locales/et.pak15 B
locales/fa.pak15 B
locales/fi.pak15 B
locales/fil.pak15 B
locales/fr.pak15 B
locales/gu.pak15 B
locales/hi.pak15 B
locales/hr.pak15 B
locales/hu.pak15 B
locales/id.pak15 B
locales/it.pak15 B
locales/iw.pak15 B
locales/ja.pak15 B
locales/kn.pak15 B
locales/ko.pak15 B
locales/lt.pak15 B
locales/lv.pak15 B
locales/ml.pak15 B
locales/mr.pak15 B
locales/ms.pak15 B
locales/nl.pak15 B
locales/no.pak15 B
locales/pl.pak15 B
locales/pt-BR.pak15 B
locales/pt-PT.pak15 B
locales/ro.pak15 B
locales/ru.pak15 B
locales/sk.pak15 B
locales/sl.pak15 B
locales/sr.pak15 B
locales/sv.pak15 B
locales/sw.pak15 B
locales/ta.pak15 B
locales/te.pak15 B
locales/th.pak15 B
locales/tr.pak15 B
locales/uk.pak15 B
locales/vi.pak15 B
locales/zh-CN.pak15 B
locales/zh-TW.pak15 B
nw.pak7.1 MB
package.json257 B
pdf.dll11.7 MB
www/data/Items.json21.4 KB
www/data/Map002.json138.7 KB
www/data/Map005.json3.1 KB
www/data/Map009.json14.8 KB
www/data/Map012.json258.9 KB
www/data/Map015.json81.3 KB
www/data/Map017.json25.6 KB
www/data/Map022.json26.1 KB
www/data/Map034.json109.9 KB
www/data/Map044.json18.2 KB
www/data/Map052.json36 KB
www/data/Map061.json14 KB
www/data/Map082.json10.9 KB
www/data/Map089.json6.9 KB
www/data/Map090.json30.7 KB
www/data/Map091.json24.2 KB
www/data/Map100.json16.4 KB
www/data/Map101.json56.5 KB
www/data/Map118.json16 KB
www/data/Map124.json84.8 KB
www/data/Map131.json10.6 KB
www/data/Map135.json225.4 KB
www/data/Map146.json82.2 KB
www/data/Map159.json118 KB
www/data/Map163.json16.2 KB
www/data/Map173.json16.3 KB
www/data/Map205.json4.7 KB
www/data/Map218.json63.7 KB
www/data/Map222.json60.9 KB
www/data/Map242.json51.9 KB
www/data/Map257.json3.1 KB
www/data/Map261.json83.4 KB
www/data/Map266.json109.9 KB
www/data/Map271.json117.6 KB
www/data/Map285.json91.2 KB
www/index.html1.7 KB

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